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Oscar Shortlist

Posted on Tuesday 23 December 2014

Hello Everyone

It was an incredible few days since we received this surprising news of our indy film The Dam Keeper’s inclusion of the Oscar Shortlist of 10 films.

We received so many many emails celebrating the achievement of this film and we were anxious to write something about it. As there are certain restrictions about these announcements, we had to be sure of saying anything about it on our FB page.

Now it’s all clear, I’d like to thank all my FB friends who supported our journey for so long. This news was a huge surprise for us but was absolutely made possible because of the support from our community. We don’t have the big budget of the big studios to PR this film which means this is totally the power of grassroots support through all of you.

That said, this is still the 10 final lists. 5 films of these 10 will be nominated in the new year. The competition will be absolutely tough because we have seen many of these 10 and they are all absolutely Oscar deserving films.

I also want to mention that we have seen many, at least 10 – 15 other animated shorts during our festival tours that deserved to be on this list. At the end, we all know there are so many passionate filmmakers who just pour their heart into their films. And with or without any of the recognition, they are all winners.

Pig and Fox’s journey continues with lots of challenges ahead of us.

But it was indeed a great news. It happened to come on the eve of my birthday too. 

Thank you all








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Posted on Monday 14 July 2014

Dear Friends

As of last Friday, July 11th, 2014, after 7 years of dream-come-true time of my life, I decided to leave Pixar Animation Studios to pursue new adventures with yet another former Pixar artist Robert Kondo.

Before I joined Pixar, I always heard how incredible Pixar was. How the company was purely interested in “making films” and creating the best environment for artists/filmmakers.

And it was true.
I worked in the animation business for 16 years at 3 different studios but Pixar was one single most creative environment any artists/filmmakers could ever wish for.

It was literally the dream job and I am leaving at the height of my career.

Some said I was brave and some said I was stupid.
These words probably mean the same anyway….

But here we go.

Starting today, I will have no steady income or the comfortable life provided by the best animation studio in the world.

There are LOTS more to talk about.
But one news at the time for now.


Here is the goodbye email I sent out to Pixar on my last day.
You can probably get the sense of this whole thing a bit


Subject : I’d like to thank you all—-Today is my last day
Time : July 11th 2014

When I graduated from high school in Tokyo, I left my country behind to start new life in the U.S.

I had no idea what I got myself into at the time especially since I spoke no English and didn’t even know what I wanted to study.(I knew nothing about art!)

People often ask me if I like America better as I ended up staying here the next 20 years.

I look back now and I realize it was not a matter of preference between Japan and US.
What mattered the most was the “change” I made in my life.
It taught me so much about what it means to live in the fast changing, diverse international society today.

Interestingly, my love for Japan actually grew more after I left Japan because I can see the beauty of my culture from outside.
I proudly carry my Japanese heritage to this day while I adapted the culture in the United States.

I am certain that is what it’s going to happen after I leave Pixar, the most creative environment on earth that I will miss so dearly.

One thing I learned from you guys at Pixar is that I shall not be afraid of taking risks.
I’ll live and work like a Pixarian even after I leave the gate behind today.

Hope this isn’t a break up.
I rather see it as a child leaving for college to learn from his own failures in the outside world.
I see Pixar as my parents and I hope to use everything I learned here to survive out there.

My dream is that I come back to work with you again someday and apply whatever I learn from this dark, scary and dangerous jungle of “unknown.”

Until then….

with sincere gratitude

Dice Tsutsumi










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Posted on Sunday 25 May 2014







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It’s been 3 years…..

Posted on Tuesday 11 March 2014

I’ll be having my annual Artists Help Japan fundraiser starting tomorrow, the third year mark of the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan. 100% of the proceeds will go to non profit Peace Winds.

There are still more than 200,000 people away from home in the affected area. We think(or would like to believe) things got better by now but there is so much left to be done.

I know this is a very small contribution but hopefully this can let those in the area that I’m thinking about them.

Original Watercolor
Limited Edition Print of my illustration
signed Sketchtravel
signed children’s book I illustrated
signed comic book I did a story for

I will share the eBay link once it is up and running





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The Dam Keeper Official Trailer

Posted on Thursday 6 February 2014

We just released the official teaser of our independent short The Dam Keeper
We will premiere at Berlin International Film Festival next Tuesday!

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