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One of the First Images for Our Project

This is one of the first sketches I did for our personal project. This project has evolved into something completely different from this one but still carries the spirit a bit. We will continue releasing more of these concept artwork done for our earlier versions of our project.

Yet, Another Random Post

As my duty on Pixar’s upcoming Monsters University finally is slowing down, I thought I’d start organizing my work on Toy Story 3. There are lots of stuff I did that never made in the “art of” book I can share as well as stuff like colorscript some of you are familiar with. Here is […]

Bring Sketchtravel Show to Japan

So we had a small ebay fundraising for Sketchtravel show to be shipped to Japan last week. We are just about half way through. Now, our partners in Japan helped us set up a shop to sell Sketchtravel goods in Japan. 3月から始まる予定の京都漫画美術館でのスケッチトラベル展。なんとか京都までの郵送費をファンドレーズ中です。 その為のスペシャルグッズを作りましたので、是非!!/

Random Sketch 12.20.12

From one of the stories I was developing with Robert Kondo…

Random Sketch

A sketch from the old version of the story we threw away…. Trying to upload more stuff on my blog now. It’s been too slow and I have so many new images I need to post(including my Toy Story 3 work) Stay tuned…