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Trip to see the libraries

Haven’t posted for a while on my own blog. Too much facebooking and not enough love for my blog! I just came back from visiting the libraries Sketchtravel funded to help build in Cambodia and Sri Lanka. It was by far the most incredible trip I have ever had in my life. It was an […]

Too Busy To Vote?

I’m really busy these days. The film production I’ve been on has hit the crunch mode and I have been locked in at work for nights and weekends these days. Stepping out of work during the day is nearly impossible. With our 10 month old becoming more and more mobil and mischievous, our attention must […]

Sketchtravel Exhibit Opening Reception!

Join us this Saturday evening to celebrate the release of Sketchtravel English edition as well as the special exhibit at Cartoon Art Museum! There will be a book signing and raffles with great prizes! If you come, make sure you say hi to me!

Random Image from My New Project #3

Random sketchbook sketch for my new project. The direction is changing everyday, seems like… But it is surely teaching me a ton.    

Sketchtravel Museum Project! —first Kickstarter experience!

As many of you know, Sketchtravel English Edition is out at last. To help bring excitement for the release of English edition, we are planning a special exhibition at Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco in September! It is the complete version of the show we had at Pixar last year Now, here is where […]