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Here is another thing I don’t include in my gallery that I can maybe share with you. One of the things I always did growing up was to do caricatures of my friends. I remember I made my girl classmate cry in the 4th grade. Ever since, I had to hold my urge to exaggerate […]

some images I want to share..

there are lots of interesting images I want to share but not quite an image to be loaded on my gallery. Here is one of them. It was from early this year when I was painting with my painter friend Alen Lai in the middle of pouring rain in the street of NYC. NY Times […]

now I’m starting a blog

I finally got this going….with some help from Jennifer, Jake, and Sophie… hope you like the new website format. It is not fancy but it enables me to update a lot more easily. I am currently working on Horton Hears A Who at Blue Sky. I have to say the movie so far is looking […]