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happy holidays!

wishing everyone happy holidays from Tokyo… hope everyone enjoys the rest of 2006 and have a happy new year!

painting of Wootie

i am back in Japan!  Man, I don’t know how many more times I can take 14 hour flight.  It was sooooooo hard!!!  My new video Ipod worked out well… So I couldn’t sleep on the plane at all and met my family right after that….I was up 28 hours straight..   here is the […]

Sculpture of Wootie

Our sculpting phenom at Blue Sky, Alena Wooten. sculpted one of my characters! Wootie is the symbolic character of the OOP comic. It may look simple and easy but this kind of symetrical shape is not easy to sculpt at all. Alena did an amazing job! In exchange for her amazing master piece, I owe […]

last minute xmas shopping!!

I just realized that this is the last chance for me to do all the xmas shopping!! I spent all day yesterday and all morning today to finish up this painting…(which I will post in a few days..) Anyhow, I’m sharing the pic of my palette which so many people asked me to share in […]

last weekend

this is the festive season. but I don’t have a lot of good memories during this festive period in the past. I hope I communicated well enough.. Hope I did the right thing. I am off to my home country next week. This will be my first winter in 6 years in Japan. what if […]