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blue sky challenge

this little fun blogBlue Sky Challenge. our fellow co-worker Jake Parker created has been a lot of fun. Each week, he gives out a new assignment and we do a quick drawing/painting(10 min to half hour at the most) to share. We do it at lunch time or during a coffee break. Fun stuff. this […]

finalizing the contract for OOP 2

We are in the final stage of finalizing the contract of OOP2. The book will be published by a major publishing house in the States.(will be announced soon) and it’ll make a lot more presence in the book stores and online stores than the first one. Well, actually, the first one will be re-published under […]

Blog of the week

One of the things I wanted to do was to write a little review of the blogs I like. I started my own blog a few weeks ago and realized how useful it is to do blogs. I always wasn’t a big fan of websites with too many images so I only want to show […]

a thought

I have been painting in both oil and digital for some time now. I do most of my professional film work digitally. My last graphic novel for Out of Picture was done mostly in photoshop with a bit of oil mixed up. I love painting in photoshop and it really makes things very easy and […]

Got sick after the deadline

After the deadline of OOP2 rough layout, I got sick! remember Battle of the planets? or Gatchaman? This is something I did for Blue Sky Challenge.