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chilly weekend

Who said we got warm winter? It has been brutally cold in NY in the past week. Well, that means I’m stuck at home doing some work. I wanted to go to the Sargent show at the addelson gallery but I’ll do next week. It’s too cold to go out! 🙂 things may look bad […]

OOP 2 concept sketches..

Here is the sneak peak at my new OOP 2 story. It is about the unexpected harmony between this giant Samurai and the old lady who takes care of him.  Still trying hard to make sense with the story. We only have 14 pages max, so the key is keep it simple….but that’s the hardest […]

reformatting Mac!

I was planning to buy a new Mac pro but heard a rumor that the super fast one is coming out pretty soon and I shuold wait. I have been working on my powerbook in the past 2 years and so SLOW now! I thought it was fast when I got it but how could […]

OOP 2–change of my story

As we are wrapping up the contract with the publisher, we realized we have a bit of a limitation of pages in the book. That forced me to choose a different story. Initially I was doing a story of a child prodigy athlete. Now I won’t have enough pages for that story. I will be […]

drawing on the menu

I love going to a jazz club. I’m not an expert on Jazz at all but I just enjoy the whole experience. I used to go a lot more often when I lived in the west village. 55 Bar, Fat Cat, Aurther’s, Smalls, were all around the corner from me. Now I moved to Harlem. […]