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This is why I love NY

Just went to the Sargent in Venice show at Adelson Gallery this weekend. It is a little gallery off the Met on 82nd Street no one really knows about.(of course, except for us art geeks) But this gallery always had a great exhibition on Sargent. People might remember the amazing books, Sargent Abroad and Sargent’s […]

crazy SF Trip

Just got back from SF. Boy, this was the craziest traveling I experienced ever. I mean, seriously… ok… here is how it went…We were hit by a nasty snow storm in the east coast on Wednesday night when I was supposed to fly out of JFK. After my flight got canceled as expected, the new […]

Carlos Nine’s Website everyone’s been waiting for

As many of you know, Carlos Nine has been the inspiration for artists all over the world in the past few decades. I first saw his work over ten years ago when his work was exhibited at Society of Illustrators. Ever since, I have done whatever takes to get hold of his publications—mostly available in […]

where’s my wacom pen?

So i lost my wacom pen this weekend. I looked all over my apt but no trace of my pen anywhere. This is my second Wacom pen. Why don’t they make the pen chained into the tablet so people don’t carry it around? The pen’s useless unless it’s on the tablet.. People who know me […]

some old stuff

It is freezing in NY! My good old best friend Rieko was in town and we walked around Soho all day sunday. What makes NYC so special is that it is still so beautiful walking around even if it’s bitter cold! I was organizing my old stuff the other day and I found these keys. […]