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spams, a sculpt, moving on….

Do you guys ever get spams on your blogs?? All of sudden, I get tons lately.:( I usually get around 10 ~ 15 comments each week but I got 242 this week alone!! and 90 % of them are spams! I have a strong spam filter service I use but I am always afraid they […]

warm up, NYC!

It is still freezing in NY. Hope it warms up soon. My baseball team is starting the spring training this weekend but I don’t know if it’s warm enough… I also wanna go out and paint in my harlem hood. There are lots of beautiful spots.. And just walk around the central park and think […]

Why do we sketch?

I wanted to ask all of you who sketch this question. “why do you sketch?” I was sketching in the airport a few weeks ago and started to ask myself this question. “why am I sketching?” Sketching is quite different from finished art work. It is sometimes just doodles, sometimes a thought process, and sometimes […]