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I don’t know if I ever talked about this project I started with my beloved best befriend in Paris, Gerald Guerlais , Sketchtravel project… We started it as our excuse to be connected to some of the illustrators we admire. We have big names such as Pete DeSeve, Carlos Nine, Ashley Wood, James Jean, and […]

crunch time at work..

so it’s been really busy at work.. We concept designers are slammed right now on Blue Sky’s new film, Horton Hears A Who.  I’m also trying to get to my comic as much as I can…which has been tough.  And my arm is hurting.. so much is happening in my private life… aghaghahga, I need […]

OOP picked up by Random House

As you might have read on Cartoon Brew, our comic book anthology Out of Picture is picked up by Random House Publishing. They will reprint our first issue and our upcoming second issue. We are about half way in production for OOP 2. There are some amazing in progress work coming from the new artists […]