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Out of Picture 2 Gallery Show in Paris!

Our indy comic anthology Out of Picture had a wonderful gallery outing at Gallarie Arludik in Paris a few years ago which was pretty successful. Somehow, French people reacted more to our book than here in the U.S. maybe because our book is not in so much of a conventional comic format. Arludik Gallery is […]

Book Is Here!

Finally, I got my books delivered from Japan! WIth all the talk of the digital literacy era, there’s something so nice about seeing an actual book. Especially when the book is crafted with care. I was fortunate enough to work with a very good publisher and a designer who dedicated their time creating a beautiful […]

Colorcript Lecture at Pixar

I recently gave a talk on colorscripting at Pixar. It was a bit intimidating to do a talk after Bill Cone and Ralph Eggleston gave theirs too. To make up for my inexperience, I reached out some of the best production designers outside of Pixar. I interviewed Paul Felix(Disney), Paul Lasaine(DreamWorks), Tom Cardone(Blue Sky), and […]