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Happy 2010!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 2009 and is excited about upcoming 2010! Looking back at my own 2009, it was just as hectic as ’08 when I organized Totoro Forest Project. I consider myself “moderately lazy and mildly hardworking” animation artist but this past year, I did work hard. It was my first film at […]

Muchas Gracias, Argentina!

What a trip! What a country! What a group of people we met! Our trip to Argentina was simply unbelievable. The art expo, Inspiration Fest was fantastic! The festival was not just of animation but of all sorts of visual genres. All the artists they invited from all over the world were top notch in […]

Estoy Veniendo a Buenos Aires!

I am off to Buenos Aires for a 10 day trip. I am invited to this Art Expo in Buenos Aires this coming weekend to give a talk. Argentina is one of the countries I always wanted to go so it was perfect. And amazingly, I finished the colorkeys of the final sequence of the […]