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I’m doing an interview on Japanese Radio J-WAVE. ジョンカビラさんの番組だそうです。とっても魅力的なDJさんと聞いてます。(妻が大大大ファンです) 放送は8/20の金曜日の朝の番組だそうです、、、、、、 Anyhow, it was fun being interviewed by Bobby Chu. A great artist Charles Santoso ended up winning my piece. I did not know it was his. But he was nice enough to offer me his in exchange! YAY! Original Santoso! I’m going to try to […]

Want to Win This Original Painting?

Hi everyone A talented friend of mine Bobby Chiu is interviewing me LIVE on his Sketchoholic. I’m actually not really sure what he wants me talk about during the interview but it’ll at least be about painting I suppose.(unless he wants me to talk about baseball) There is a little contest where I came up […]