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Bunny Comes in 2011!

Here comes 2011! Can’t believe it’s been a year since this post!! I am grateful for all the fortune in 2010 and am looking forward the unforeseen adventures of ’11 ! looking forward to sharing more on

Tribute to My Father

As 2010 begins to wrap, before my routine year end holiday message is sent out, I’d like to take a moment to send my tribute to my father who passed away this April. Over a half century, he served as one of the prominent political journalists of his generation. His stubborn passion to social justice […]

Art Block for Ghana

I participated in this animation industry-wide charity project, Art Block for Ghana led by Picture Book Project and Hopkins Foundation. It is a charity art auction to which top talents in the animation community donated to help build a children’s home in Ghana March 2011. It is great to see many artists from Pixar, DreamWorks, […]