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Artists Help Japan Final Phase

Artists Help Japan 1 Year anniversary Auction is at its final stage.  We have already made over $14,000 and I am so impressed how many artists who offered their contributions without being asked.  I am encouraged that people still care about Japan. Here is the page and it will end next thursday 4/5.  Please help […]

Artists Help Japan 1 Year Anniversary Auction!

March 11th 2012 My sincere prayer to those who lost their lives, who lost their families and loved ones, and who are forced to live away from home. My admiration and respect for those who sacrificed their time for the recovery efforts, especially who are in the affected areas helping to this day. My strong […]

A few Watercolor Studies from Europe..

Last year, when I traveled to France and Belgium for the Sketchtravel auction, I hardly had time to do anything but getting ready for the grand finale of the 5 year project. So all I could manage was a few little watercolor studies in Paris and Bruges, Belgium. I’ll be auctioning one of these off […]