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Sketchtravel Museum Project! —first Kickstarter experience!

As many of you know, Sketchtravel English Edition is out at last. To help bring excitement for the release of English edition, we are planning a special exhibition at Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco in September! It is the complete version of the show we had at Pixar last year Now, here is where […]

Random Image from My New Project

Totally random piece from the side project I’m working on. Nothing concrete and things are shifting left and right. Doing a bunch of exploratory images to define what we really want to do. Fun but also frustrating! Time is running out. We need to get it ready for production by the end of the year….

Enrico Casarosa’s La Luna

One of my best friends Enrico Casarosa directed his first short film La Luna which earned him an Oscar nomination this past year. I was the first guy to do some artwork to help him with some visual development for La Luna. I was supposed to stay through the project to oversee the look of […]