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Bring Sketchtravel Show to Japan

So we had a small ebay fundraising for Sketchtravel show to be shipped to Japan last week. We are just about half way through. Now, our partners in Japan helped us set up a shop to sell Sketchtravel goods in Japan. 3月から始まる予定の京都漫画美術館でのスケッチトラベル展。なんとか京都までの郵送費をファンドレーズ中です。 その為のスペシャルグッズを作りましたので、是非!!/

Random Sketch 12.20.12

From one of the stories I was developing with Robert Kondo…

Random Sketch

A sketch from the old version of the story we threw away…. Trying to upload more stuff on my blog now. It’s been too slow and I have so many new images I need to post(including my Toy Story 3 work) Stay tuned…

Trip to see the libraries

Haven’t posted for a while on my own blog. Too much facebooking and not enough love for my blog! I just came back from visiting the libraries Sketchtravel funded to help build in Cambodia and Sri Lanka. It was by far the most incredible trip I have ever had in my life. It was an […]