Too Busy To Vote?

Posted on Tuesday 6 November 2012

I’m really busy these days.

The film production I’ve been on has hit the crunch mode and I have been locked in at work for nights and weekends these days. Stepping out of work during the day is nearly impossible.

With our 10 month old becoming more and more mobil and mischievous, our attention must be on him 24/7 at home.

We also just moved. Piles of boxes don’t look like they will disappear anytime soon.
Still no internet thanks to wonderful Comcast who thinks they are giving us a favor coming to install internet for the 4th try.

And really… I’m not a political person. My daily routine is based on thinking about cartoons. My sister is a very good political journalist but often times my cartoon brain can’t follow all the stuff she talks about.

My vote doesn’t count anyway, right? Isn’t California a locked state anyway?


I am going to vote today because it is important.

The presidential race is neck and neck close.
The beliefs and policies between the candidates are VERY different. The world will be different depending on who takes over the white house the next 4 years.
It’s not just about your extra $ you may get from your tax cut. It is about our children’s future.

So no matter who we support, let’s make sure we vote.
The world is too uncertain to not care.

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