Maverix Studios Benefit Auction!

Posted on Tuesday 25 September 2007

Here we go!  Another good cause auction at Maverix Studios!

If you are around in the bay area, come check it out!  And maybe buy some cool art to raise money for Alzheimers Association!

I have always participated for their benefit auctions with my art in the past but I was never there at the auction because I was in NY.  Now I will be present and will be a serious bidder! Ha!  Watch out Derrick, Ted, and Ronnie!! (<--- I hear these pixar story guys are like mafia!  buying all the good art!--joking!) But yes, I'm excited about bidding for some good art.

This is my own contribution for the show.  I did a sort of a generic head study out of my head for the tribal story I am thinking about tabbing next..  Wanted to use violet blue for the skin.

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    September 25, 2007 | 1:06 am

    Wow Dice. Awesomely awesome. Love all the subtle plane changes in the face, and the collar bone! And of course, the colors. I’m gonna do my best to attend the show. Will talk to you more about it later for sure. -MD

    Mark Behm
    September 25, 2007 | 12:14 pm

    What a great feeling to this one! In shadow and with the sky reflected in the skin and attitude.

    September 25, 2007 | 8:54 pm

    That’s a great contribution Dice! It came out quite nice. If I didn’t have so many bills, I’d try to get it one way or another. LOL. I wonder what the tribal story will be like. : )

    September 25, 2007 | 11:00 pm

    Wow! What a powerful painting Dice. I feel overwhelmed looking at this! I think this is one of my favorites from you…can’t wait to see more! How long did it take?

    September 26, 2007 | 1:39 am

    woah, that’s wild Dice! i love it. I wish i could be at the show.=0(

    September 27, 2007 | 2:20 am

    Wow, very beautiful Dice, skin’s color, lighting, shades. There’s a very interesting contrast between the quiet face and the punchy stroke in the hair. The character looks like in a trance state. It’s arresting, I love it !

    September 27, 2007 | 3:43 pm

    After seen that beauty, you have no idea how curious I am to read that tribal story !!!
    Bravo, Daisuke-san.

    September 27, 2007 | 5:30 pm

    Masterful painting Dice. I love the bold and confident brushstrokes and of course the color and mood is remarkable. Very intriguing. I can’t wait to see more of this story. Great donation!
    Hope you’re doing well!

    September 28, 2007 | 2:20 pm

    Beautiful. And I love the fact that you painted it out of your head. Great choice of fleshtones.

    September 28, 2007 | 2:50 pm

    Com’on guys!! Now you are making me not wanna give this painting away! 🙂

    But I’m glad you all liked it. Charity auction is a tricky one since most of the stuff is sold for really cheap. I remember my friend Angela got one of my paintings for 80 bucks or something at one of those charity auctions. And that size of the painting was sold in my last show for over 700 bucks. I almost tried to steal back from Angela.(joking)

    of course, it’s all about the good cause! THat’s what it counts right? 🙂

    But on the flip side, i’ll be a greedy art buyer tomorrow. I saw some amazing pieces donated from Steve Purcel, Enrico Casarosa, Lou Romano etc….. I can’t wait!

    thanks again everyone! I’ll let you know after tomorrow.

    September 28, 2007 | 6:28 pm

    Really beautiful, strong, graphic and tender image. I would love to see a series of tribal portraits like this from you.
    I hope this sells for a decent price.
    Always look forward to your next post.
    All the best to you

    September 30, 2007 | 3:27 am

    Hey Dice! I couldn’t make it to the auction tonight but I hope your painting raised some happy bucks! Let us know how it went. 🙂

    September 30, 2007 | 11:13 pm

    Very, very good, your paintngs NY!
    I like your style!
    sorry my Inglish!

    stephen magsig
    October 2, 2007 | 10:04 am

    Dice, Beautiful strong work, I am an old illustrator/artist new to the wonderful world of blogs and what the young artists are doing. You are fortunate to be
    able to connect with other artists like this. SKETCHTRAVEL is fantastic, keep painting. Can’t believe you did this painting from scratch.

    October 2, 2007 | 10:06 am


    October 8, 2007 | 7:58 am

    Nice! Awesome painting, really great lighting and colour Dice!

    October 8, 2007 | 12:27 pm

    hi everyone. Thanks so much for your comments.

    Anyhow, the auction was really exciting! They raised over $13000 one night. Really cool. And as for my painting, it was sold to a serious art collector, Charles Kiyasu. He has a few paintings of mine and it’s nice to know he got my piece.

    But most importantly, I was able to buy 3 beautiful pieces for a really good prices. I got Derrick Thompson’s, Jay Schooster’s, and Jamie Baker’s. It was a steal but that’s what happens with auction. The pricing of art work is always out of whack.

    Anyhow, thanks a lot!


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