Beauty is an intangible thing; can not be fixed on the surface, and the wear and tear of old age on the body cannot defeat it.

-- Robert Henri

Old Rejected Sketch

Posted on Saturday 19 May 2012

Is everyone else also not blogging too much these days because of facebook?  I have not posted as often as I should lately because I use facebook a little more often.
And seems everyone follows each other’s facebook(or twitter maybe but I don’t tweet) rather than blogs.  It’s interesting for sure.

Also my duty as one of the art director on Monsters University is in the full on mode.  It has become norm for me to stay till around the clock at least a few nights a week.(and I still get in to work before 8am everyday)  Totally not the best thing for my fatherhood!!!!  Hope it calms down soon.  The movie is starting to look good though.  What a great collaborative team we have!

Anyhow, with my amazing baby Senju and work, I have not been able to keep up.  I also owe replies to a few dozen emails some of you sent me personally.(sorry!!!!)

This is a rough sketch I did for a book cover assignment a few years ago which ended up not making to the final.

Story of the book was really interesting and I was really excited about this job.   But I just wasn’t able to pull this off!

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Artists Help Japan Final Phase

Posted on Friday 30 March 2012

Artists Help Japan 1 Year anniversary Auction is at its final stage.  We have already made over $14,000 and I am so impressed how many artists who offered their contributions without being asked.  I am encouraged that people still care about Japan.

Here is the page and it will end next thursday 4/5.  Please help me spread the word!

I redid this piece 4 times to get it right.  Watercolor is sooo hard.. It is true that less is more.  This piece was done specifically for Artists Help Japan 1 Year Anniversary.  I believe we need to support children because our future lies on their shoulders.  After I became a father, this belief was solidified more than ever.

It’s no longer about what we want.  It is more of what can we do to the next generation. Can we responsibly hand off this world to our children as the beautiful world we inherited from our parents?

It’s a real simple piece but I poured my heart into this.








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Artists Help Japan 1 Year Anniversary Auction!

Posted on Sunday 11 March 2012

March 11th 2012

My sincere prayer to those who lost their lives, who lost their families and loved ones, and who are forced to live away from home.

My admiration and respect for those who sacrificed their time for the recovery efforts, especially who are in the affected areas helping to this day.

My strong desire for Japanese lawmakers as well as corporations to find the most efficient ways for the country to rise again, and ESPECIALLY to find the way to live without nuclear power(or even without high energy consumption based economy all itself). I believe in Japan that can lead the world by examples to the life with less/without non-renewable energy.

Once again, my sincere prayer to my country


Dice Tsutsumi



While there is so little I can do my part, we launched Artists Help Japan 1 year anniversary auction using eBay.  100% of its proceeds will go to Mercy Corps Japan Recovery Fund.

We will be selling 60 or so items in 4 separate groups and the first group went live this weekend.  So check it out and help me spread the word!

Here is the link to the auction!

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A few Watercolor Studies from Europe..

Posted on Monday 5 March 2012

Last year, when I traveled to France and Belgium for the Sketchtravel auction, I hardly had time to do anything but getting ready for the grand finale of the 5 year project.

So all I could manage was a few little watercolor studies in Paris and Bruges, Belgium.

I’ll be auctioning one of these off for the upcoming Artists Help Japan online auction to benefit Tsunami victims after a year since the disaster.


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Friday Morning Surface Study

Posted on Friday 24 February 2012

Since last summer, Robert Kondo(another Pixar art director) and I have had a still life workshop working with our Pixar colleagues.  Every friday, we paint for a few hours of still lives before work started.   It started off as a “sharing” workshop where we shared our knowledge of painting with technical directors at Pixar.  Even after the recent production schedule made it difficult for me and Robert to continue, people still gathered every Friday morning studying still lives which is totally inspiring.

As you can see in my paintings, mine is all work in progress since I never have quite enough time to go farther as I walk around the room to help other artists.   But it is still a lot of fun to study simple set ups like these.   And ultimately, donuts we eat in these Friday sessions always taste amazing!

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